Suspended Coffee

On August 8th, 2014, we got involved with Suspended Coffee’s. “What’s a Suspended coffee?” I hear you ask…. let us explain….

What is a SUSPENDED COFFEE? It’s where someone else has purchased a coffee for you, so there is no cost to you.

How do you redeem a SUSPENDED COFFEE? Just go in to Xpresso on Flinders Cafe and ASK to “redeem a Suspended Coffee”. There is a board above the coffee machine with a number of how many suspended coffees are available,so you can see if there are any you can use.

Who can use a SUSPENDED COFFEE? It’s for any person who can’t afford to purchase a hot beverage. You may be homeless, jobless or just having a rough time at the moment.

If you think you can utilise a poster, to help us get the message to the people who can use a suspended coffee, please print it off, or contact us and we’ll arrange one for you.

If you would like to donate towards suspended coffees ONLINE, you can do here:

(Please note: Donations need to be in round figures e.g. $5, $7, $12 etc… Paypal will direct your payment to TEAM FUN, this is correct, while we’re setting up the business PayPal account) 

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And a BIG thanks to the following companies for their support to our Suspended Coffee programme and the local community: Aboriginal Sobriety Group, Emali Early Learning Centre, The Salvation Army (Pirie Street),  the Hutt Street Centre & Shelter SA.

Suspended Coffee